Support the Deaf Ecosystem!

Support the Deaf Ecosystem this Valentine’s Day

At DeafandHOH, we would like to support the Deaf Ecosystem, which is created by investing and supporting deaf businesses to help them grow and thrive. Many deaf small-owned businesses offer a variety of incredible gifts for purchase. If you are interested in getting a gift for friends or family or want to browse the products, we have made a list for you! Remember to purchase these gifts for their upcoming birthdays, graduations, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day!

Here is a concise list of several deaf businesses to check out:

  • DEAFinitely Dope – Matt Maxey is well known for promoting the importance of accessible media, sign language in music videos, and sharing countless ASL hip hop videos. DEAFinitely Dope has been featured in news articles, as well as on CNN and the “Kelly Clarkson Show.” Their shop includes merch, such as shirts and other accessories. Check out their website here.
  • Deaf Motherhood – Janet Moreno, a deaf mother, sells jewelry with “I love you” signs. She recently released a gorgeous set of rings that can be personalized with a child or loved one’s name and an “I love you” sign in either gold or silver. I personally cannot wait to purchase them! She also sells name puzzles in sign language. This beautiful jewelry can be a sentimental gift for a child, friend, or family member. If you are interested in purchasing her jewelry, you can check out their website here;
  • Rebecca Gemil – Rebecca is a deaf woman who makes and sells self-care products from toothpowder, mouthwash, and lotion once a month. She is also a professional dog sitter for Rover in Austin and is knowledgeable about proper dog care, including elderly dogs. For self-care products, check their Instagram, at You can purchase the products by sending her a message. If you are interested in learning more about dog-sitting, check out their website at
  • 58 Creativity – Brittany Castle is a deaf artist who is incredibly talented with their graphic artwork. She sells jewelry, calendars, and a variety of artwork like postcards, greeting cards, and ASL pictures. Check out their website and enjoy purchasing beautiful artwork at
  • Sisters In Style – This is a clothing boutique in Maryland and Indiana run by deaf women and owned by a deaf business owner. They usually host a live video to display their current collections, such as Holiday clothing, Valentine’s Day gifts, etc. They post a variety of clothing on their stories and highlights if you are interested in checking them out. Check their website out at or
  • Authors – Nell Pattison, Sara Novic and Asphyxia have written amazing books with deaf characters and often discuss what it is like being deaf in different situations and real-life settings.
  • Deaf Ecosystem Directory: ConvoRelay has developed a directory of Deaf-created products and services. There are many gifts to select from, such as art, apparel, jewelry, books, services, self-care, and last-minute gift cards, which can be found at

                                                              EXCITING NEWS

The new movie Avatar came out on Dec. 16th. Moviegoers were introduced to a new sign language called Navi Sign Language, which was developed by CJ Jones, an ASL director. If you are interested in learning more, here is a short video featuring CJ Jones.

If you plan to watch the movie, check out your local movie theater beforehand and make sure there are available subtitles. Purchasing an accessible movie ticket is an incredible gift for your loved one!

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