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North American LCTL Course Listings (by CARLA)

A searchable database provided by the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA) for finding out where less commonly taught languages (LCTLs) are taught in North America. Search by language, state/province, institution, contact name, and course type. Note: The database is no longer regularly updated. – Best Colleges with American Sign Language (ASL) Degrees in the U.S.

Ranking and extensive national database of schools offering ASL degrees. Displays details such as cost, student–teacher ratio, and number of students for quick comparisons. Filter by degree level, degree length, and control type (funding).

Online Classes

ASLdeafined, LLC

Subscription-based website with ASL video lessons and dictionary designed for deaf students, parents of deaf children, and the community at large. All lessons are taught by nationally certified interpreters. Subscribers also have free access to the mobile app, available for iOS and Android. The app includes the ability to create custom word lists.

edX Sign Language Courses

Courses offered through Georgetown University for both speakers and signers. Students gain in-depth understanding and fluency in the topics of sign language development and influence as well as deaf cultural studies. Each course is 4 weeks long and can be taken on its own. Enrollment is free, though a certificate can be added for $99 per course, or $356.40 for the full 4-month program.

Sign Language 101

Ten free videos on basic ASL terms and concepts.

Signing Online

Signing Online offers four ASL course levels, from beginning to advanced. Depending on the institution, these courses may be accepted for high school or college credit. Each course is $75 and consists of 10 lessons and final exam.

Gallaudet University

The nation's leading university for the deaf and hard of hearing offers both online ASL courses for levels I–IV as well as free basic lessons.

International Open Academy

Fully CPD/CE certified video course with 66+ videos. The course covers humor expressions, grammar, vocabulary, and deaf etiquette. On sale for $29 (as of 07/02/2020).


Flexible and interactive lessons and practice. Cost ranges from $9.99/mo to $17.99/mo, depending on term.

Online Dictionaries and Other Learning Apps

ASL Nook

Learn ASL with a signing family (Sheena, Manny, and their two daughters Shaylee and Ivy) through casual, entertaining videos on a variety of topics.


Presents kids, parents, and teachers with a fun way to learn ASL. Koko was a gorilla with a sign language vocabulary of over 1000 words, which she used in complex statements and questions. Videos show Koko replicating different ASL signs along with a spoken explanation of how the sign can be performed.

Science Signs Lexicon

Lexicon of signs relating to astronomy, biology, chemistry, mechanics, meteorology, and several other sciences.


Handspeak features an ASL dictionary and grammatical tutorials, ASL poetry and storytelling for browsing, ASL writing lessons, and information on many ASL and deaf cultural topics.

Baby Sign Language

Provides resources for teaching ASL to infants and toddlers and promote early parent–child development. Most of the products are available for purchase, but the site also has free dictionary and printable flashcards with vocabulary geared toward children.

ASL Translator

Mobile app featuring a smart text-to-sign translator that produces a smooth video stream of signs, with fingerspellings for any unknown words. Input up to 50 words at a time. Videos can be paused, rewound, fast-forwarded, and replayed. The app also features 110 phrases, taught by deaf actress Jessica Tanner and certified ASL interpreter Dwight D. Godwin, NIC. Available for $4.99 for iOS and Android.

Marlee Signs

Mobile app with basic ASL lessons given by Academy Award-winning deaf actress Marlee Matlin. Videos include a slow-motion feature. Available free (in-app purchases) for iOS.

ASL Dictionary

Dictionary app with over 5,200 signs, including phrases, idioms, and words with multiple meanings. Video options include slow motion, looping, and saving to device. Available for $4.99 for iOS and Android.

Signing Savvy

In addition to an ASL dictionary with memory aids, Signing Savvy offers sign language study tools such as flash cards, shareable word lists (both pre-composed and custom), quizzes, worksheets, and articles. They also have a mobile app, available free for full Signing Savvy members (subscription cost ranges from $9.95/mo to $129.95 for 3 years) for iOS and Android. offers a free, not-overly-extensive dictionary, based on the vocab from their online lessons (also free). Search the dictionary or browse alphabetically or by topic.

Free ASL video dictionaries (as SWF files), quizzes, and games.

American Sign Language University (Lifeprint)

Free online resource for students and teachers. Contains a variety of content, from a dictionary and lessons to advice, artwork, and even a collection of deaf and ASL jokes. The site author has also published the app ASL: Fingerspelling, where users can practice reading fingerspelling. Available for $3.99 for the iOS.

Content in ASL

Deaf Missions

Christian video content, including the books of the Bible, a devotional series, songs, and tips for interpreters. The Deaf Missions mobile app offers sermons and other short video content for both children and adults. Available free for iOS and Android.

Find Interpreting Services

Classroom Interpreting

Provides information for administrators, teachers, and parents on the roles and responsibilities of classroom interpreters as well as the requirements and considerations when opting for this service.

Purple Communications

Provides VRS solutions as well as access to both in-person and video remote interpreting (VRI).

Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc

Search for registered RID interpreters or agencies by city, state, or required credentials, or verify member details and certification.

Deaf Services Unlimited

Offers both in-person and VRI services. DSU works with large organizations and small businesses alike in a variety of settings, including state, legal, medical, business, healthcare, educational, and entertainment. Arrange a one-time appointment or ongoing services.


Platform for Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) that requires only internet connectivity, a mobile device or computer configured with internet access, and a webcam. Quote and free trial offered upon request.


Contracts certified ASL interpreters in a wide variety of markets and specializations. They also offer onsite and remote CART services.