• Suicide Prevention Hotline July 29, 2023 Have you seen any commercials or advertisements for Suicide Prevention Hotline’s new number? It’s a number that allows people to call or text 988 for help, whether it is related to a mental health issue, substance abuse, thoughts of suicide, or just wanting to talk to someone. The service was formerly known as the National Suicide Prevention Hotline and is... Read More
  • Dating Tips May 1, 2023 If you have ever been romantically interested in a deaf person, this article is for you! At DeafandHOH, we want to help you have fun and have the date go as smoothly as possible. It’s ok to be nervous; keep an open mind and have fun! We have developed several tips just for you. If you are not deaf, or... Read More
  • Leap Forward is launching a COMMUNITY PARTNERS April 17, 2023 LIMITED TIME OFFER Get recognized and reach a wider audience for your hearing loss-related business! Leap Forward is launching a COMMUNITY PARTNERS page for hearing loss-related sponsors on DeafandHoH.com. To kickstart the launch, we are offering a marketing package for $500 that includes a $500 credit for additional advertising or web design services. Leap Forward is the web design company... Read More
  • Support the Deaf Ecosystem! February 12, 2023 Support the Deaf Ecosystem this Valentine’s Day At DeafandHOH, we would like to support the Deaf Ecosystem, which is created by investing and supporting deaf businesses to help them grow and thrive. Many deaf small-owned businesses offer a variety of incredible gifts for purchase. If you are interested in getting a gift for friends or family or want to browse... Read More
  • Benefits of Service Dogs November 28, 2022 Did you know that the ADA law allows you to have a service dog, an emotional support dog, or a therapy dog? All these fit under the ADA law. There are no restrictions on what dog of preference to get or have. According to the ADA law, any person who is disabled is qualified to have a service animal. Most... Read More

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Why I'm Here

Senthil Srinivasan

I created this blog to express my inner thoughts, feelings, and stories about my hearing loss, with hopes of creating a great place that will benefit everyone.

For many years I had been wearing behind-the-ear hearing aids, and have kept my hair long to cover them. I didn’t want people to know about my mild hearing loss. I was very sensitive and uncomfortable about it. As of today, I wear digital hearing aids which make it hard for people to notice as much. So, I decided to change my hairstyle and it doesn’t bother me anymore whether people see them. Looking at my old pictures, I ask myself, “what was I thinking!”

I was not happy with the way I looked back in high school and college, and I have come to realize that the hearing aids were a major reason why I was and still am so isolated from the outside world, and the reason for not having many friends. I believe people didn’t see the real me and my true personality, and lacking confidence didn’t help. They always treated me and looked at me like I was an outsider or diseased in some way. There were also other reasons that played a big role, such as my shyness and not having an outgoing personality, but that too could have been due to the way I was treated. Rather than analyzing the past each and every day, I have decided to open up and share my life experiences and the path that led me to where I am today.

I hope you will visit often and participate by leaving comments, submitting stories or articles, and sending me feedback that could help you, me, and everyone else who has had similar experiences.