Work-Related Hearing Loss Causes Lack of Sleep

A new study shows that a workplace exposed to harmful noise may cause hearing loss in workers. Even though it can be temporary, these hearing problems can lead to permanent damage, especially in those who are older and have been exposed to workplace noise for extended periods of time. Lots of noise in the workplace can also cause tinnitus, which can also lead to poor sleep. Tinnitus is the main sleep-disruption factor among employees who are exposed to loud noises on the job. It also can lead to conditions such as insomnia and other sleep problems to those with hearing impairment, regardless of age or number of years on the job. According to HealthDay News, “The condition known as tinnitus, which is a continual ringing in the ears, was noted in 51 percent of those with hearing loss and 14 percent of those with normal hearing.” These findings were derived from a study in which hearing tests were given to 298 male employees at a workplace exposed to harmful noise. Click here for more information about how to protect yourself against noise-induced hearing loss. This article is posted in its entirety at U.S. News & World Report.

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