What it’s like being a sign language interpreter on TV during a pandemic

Summarized by Holly Gerber, Staff Writer

Regan Thibodeau and Joshua Seal are ASL interpreters for the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s daily briefings. As interpreters during a pandemic, they face many obstacles: maintaining social distancing, learning technical medical signs, and signing rapidly on live TV. Even though the work was daunting at first, Seal commented that after weeks of briefings, it has become second nature.

Now both interpreters (who are deaf themselves) are becoming recognized across the state—and even the nation. They’re inspiring deaf/hard of hearing children and their parents, showing them, as Thibodeau notes, that “they can do anything!” Thibodeau and Seal’s work is crucial, helping this community stay informed in uncertain times.

Read more about ASL interpreters during the pandemic in the full article: https://wgme.com/news/local/what-its-like-being-a-sign-language-interpreter-on-tv-during-a-pandemic

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