Waving Hands, a social group for the deaf, to screen sign language suspense film in Hialead

Summarized by Hailey Scragg, staff writer

Waving Hands is a nonprofit group for the deaf and hard of hearing with a social and educational purpose. Though once only 20 members, it has grown to 600 across South Florida. An activity they recently undertook was hosting two screenings of Beyond the Embers, a suspense film in ASL, for the general public. Waving Hands was founded in 2012, and since have been hosting educational workshops, group discussions on health issues, interoperating techniques, and employment and legal rights. They also go on fieldtrips to museums, sports games, bowling, and more. Waving Hands President JohnPaul Jebian said 的t really is the best feeling knowing our organization keeps evolving to something so amazing and it inspires me to expand it more and inform everyone about it.”

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