The product for the give away is a bundle of the BeHear Now Headset and the HearLink PLUS.

The HearLink PLUS is a low-latency, long-range assistive listening transmitter for television and other audio sources. It pairs with BeHear NOW using Class I Bluetooth to stream audio from optical or analog outputs directly to the headset. With this bundle, you can enjoy personally optimized sound sent directly from the source directly to your ears. When the ListenThrough option is activated, you will also be able to hear nearby conversation, and other important ambient sounds as well.

The BeHear Now Headset has these functions: 

  • ListenThrough™ – Passes through important ambient sounds during music playback
  • EasyListen™ – Slows down speech dynamically during phone conversations
  • Personal Sound Amplifier – Provides dynamic, compressed amplification of ambient sounds
  • Hearing enhancement functions – Includes noise reduction, echo cancellation, and more


  • Designed for people with mild-to-moderate hearing loss
  • Amplifies only the frequencies where you need a boost
  • 4 different preset hearing modes and dedicated app
  • Rechargeable for up to 12 hours of use
  • Developed by experienced sound engineers and certified audiologist

It honestly seems really cool and helpful. It all connects to an app to adjust it for your hearing needs, and the headset by itself can be used to enhance sound around you without being connected to Bluetooth.

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