The music for DEAF people: Musician composes song at a specific frequency so cochlear implants can pick up the melody

Summarized by Jennifer Reed, staff writer

19-year-old Vera van Dijk was born deaf and received a cochlear implant two years ago. Previously, she has not been able to enjoy music. Vodaphone teamed up with musician Kyteman to create a song Van Dijk could experience in a live performance. Kyteman lowered the frequency of Sam Smith’s “Stay with Me,” a song chosen via a social media poll. In order for Kyteman to determine what van Dijk could hear, they met together before the concert. An 18-member orchestra played the song. ‘The melodies were so diverse and I would have never been able to distinguish the different sounds if it wasn’t for Kyteman. I’m over the moon!’

A beautiful video complete with captioning and some ASL portions accompanies the full article.

Read the full story here.

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