The hearing aid chair fit for a king

Summarized by Hailey Scragg, staff writer

Thought to be one of the first of its kind, a chair that doubles as a hearing aid is the centerpiece of a new exhibition in the UK. Though unsure about the exact history of the specific chair, it is an exact replica of the chair made for King John VI who was hard of hearing. In a desire to be able to communicate better, King John hired Frederick Rein to construct this chair in 1819. Rein was a special craftsman who is believed to have sold the first ear trumpets, and the appropriate person for King John to ask for help. Because Rein was making the chair for a king, he had to think about how he could make it functional while also reflecting the high status of the king. This is how the two arms ended up being hollowed out lions, who also worked as sound receivers. The king is said to have used this chair while he met with noblemen and commoners to hear the concerns of his people. This made him very popular and owes its thanks to the hearing air chair.

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