Teens Make Hockey History on First Women’s Deaf Team

Summarized by Kolby Burger, staff writer

Two teens, Maddie Gagliano and Hannah Garcia, are making history for being a part of the first US National Women’s Deaf Ice Hockey team. Garcia was born with moderate hearing loss in both ears while Gagliano has partial hearing loss in her left ear, but has full hearing in her right ear. The team was formed in March of 2017 and all of the team members have some level of hearing loss.

When playing opponents certain aspects of the game are changed however the girls are allowed to embrace who they are while playing a sport they love, Gagliano says, “You can show you’re deaf instead of hiding it.” Although the team only played twice against Canada, the future of the program is looking bright and the push to increase women’s involvement is continuing to grow. The program is allowing the teens to continue to play hockey at a competitive level while also allowing women to have a spot in the deaf hockey community.

To learn more about the hockey program and the two teens check out the full story here.

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