Shooter’s ear: Hearing loss caused by gunfire

Summarized by Jennee Harmuth, staff writer

According to the National Shooting Federation, 20 million people spend $16.9 billion annually on target shooting. However, according to Susan E. Terry, Au.D, an audiologist and owner of hearing care center in St. Petersburg, Florida, “Gunfire is about the worst thing you can do to your unprotected ears. Gunfire is an impact noise and is more of an assault on your ears than constant noise would be.”

Because of this intense impact noise “shooter’s ear” happens in large extent to unprotected ears. Therefore, wearing hearing protection can go a long way to preventing the condition.”[Wearing hearing protection] makes a difference and prevents hearing loss so it’s a good idea to get started off right in the first place. If you can prevent hearing loss, it’s much better than having to deal with hearing loss later on,” Terry says.

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