New Year, New Improvements

Founded in 2008 by Senthil Srinivasan,’s mission has been to empower the hearing loss community by promoting confident social interaction and open communication. Srinivasan, who has moderate hearing loss, struggled with isolation growing up; those experiences inspired him to create an online community where people of all ages and hearing levels could connect with each other so that they would not have to experience such isolation. 2013 brings many new changes for, including a fundraiser, more members on the Facebook page and in our group, and new website contributors who are helping to expand the website.

Our increased Open Chat Night Attendance has highlighted the need for an improved chat room. To that end, is launching a fundraiser on GoFundMe, in which the funds will be used to improve the current chat room’s functionality.

Like our Open Chat Night, our Facebook page is also becoming more and more popular. Since its inception in 2008,’s Facebook group has grown from 30 members to more than 600.

In our efforts to reach more people, we are also expanding the “Explore” and “Products” sections on our website with resource pages for parents, teachers, and children. For instance, we are currently compiling a list of deaf and hard-of-hearing camps by state, and adding companies that serve the hearing loss community to our “Products” section. To help with this expansion, we’ve added several new contributors for writing, marketing, and social media. They include Hannah Mann, Tess Conklin, Alyssa Smith, Amber Glembin, Anna Weldon, Christopher Fischer, Samantha Tubbs, and Katie Lutzker.

In the meanwhile, we will continue to showcase members of the hearing loss community through our member profiles, publish news summaries and comics, and run weekly Open Chat Nights.

Download the press release here.

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