New PPE hybrid seeks to help those hard of hearing, deaf

Summarized by Holly Gerber, Staff Writer

While masks and other personal protective equipment are essential during the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve caused communication difficulties for the deaf and hard of hearing. However, a new type of equipment has been created—with the deaf community in mind.

The Badger Shield+ combines the best of two worlds, mixing a face shield and mask. The face shield has fabric at the bottom, bridging the gap between the shield and the face. The shield allows the face to be seen, helpful to those who are trying to read a wearer’s lips. The fabric provides greater filtration than a regular face shield.

The University of Wisconsin- Madison created the Badger Shield+ and Midwest Prototyping is manufacturing it. While it is still undergoing testing, the device shows promise for making communication with the deaf and hard of hearing more accessible in these uncertain times.

For more information about the Badger Shield+, read the full article here.

Edited by Stephanie Stott, staff writer.

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