New device gives voices to the deaf by translating sign language to speech in real time

Summarized by Ryan Datus Anderson, staff writer

The world is changing in a way that has allowed for the D/deaf/hard of hearing community to be helped. While phone calls used to be the primary way to communicate, texting and emails have helped bridge the gap. However, communicating in real time proves to still be a challenge. This is a problem that Uni will hopefully solve.

Uni is a two-way communicating tablet to allow conversations to take place between deaf and hearing participants. First, the tablet will use cameras to capture the sign language and translate them in to audible words for the other participant. Then, when the other person speaks, the tablet will translate their words in to written words on the tablet screen.

This device has the potential to help many of the approximately 70 million deaf people in the world. MotionSavvy hopes to launch Uni this upcoming summer and will have the ability to read over 2,000 signs, with more to follow in updates.

You can read the full story here.

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