MSDB harnesses technology for deaf and blind students

Summarized by Katie Lutzker, staff writer

Having technology in schools is becoming almost inevitable. Whether it is Apple products, laptops, or just simply televisions and computers, technology has become a great tool for teachers to use as aids for their students. At the Montana School for the Deaf and Blind, things are no different.

The school, which offers classes for children and youth from preschool through high school with deafness, blindness or hearing/visual impairments, can now attend the school without ever physically going there. Thanks to Vision Net, a video chat technology, students from miles away are able to be a part of the classroom and learn with the students. This allows the school to expand and offer their services to a larger deaf and blind community in the state of Montana. All across the states, students are able to use Vision Net to be a part of the school. Additionally, the school has also started using iPads which allow students to use a variety of programs and learn at their own rate. All this technology can be a little overwhelming; however the teachers and the principle at MSDB are amazed at the student’s individual progression through using these technologies.

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