Mountain View preschoolers act up under big top in Broomfield

Summarized by Alyssa Smith, staff writer

Mountain View preschoolers put on a circus in their classroom, and the circus allowed the children to showcase their skills while also promoting the school’s deaf and hard-of-hearing program. The 23 performers all have hearing difficulties, but that did not stop them from putting on their preschool recital. The children dressed in colorful tutus and clown costumes as their teacher, acting as the ring leader, addressed the audience using sign language. Shows like the circus performance aim to assist the children in developing their coordination and communication skills. According to teacher Dianne Goberis, this particular performance, along with the deaf and hard-of-hearing program, “includes specially tailored language skills that involve practicing speaking or using sign language.”

Parents of the preschoolers agreed that they chose Mountain View because of its deaf and hard-of-hearing program, which has allowed their children to receive the best early education. According to Goberis, the deaf and hard-of-hearing program has been part of Mountain View for 30 years. She adds that many children in the program are seamlessly integrated into classrooms, and many go on to attend classes with their hearing peers.

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