Meet the Deaf Poets Society, a digital journal for writers with disabilities

Summarized by Rachel Cain, staff writer

The new digital literary magazine Deaf Poets Society―a nod to the 1989 blockbuster film Dead Poets Society―is a space for writers who are blind, deaf, or otherwise differently-abled to express themselves artistically. The magazine aspires to be as accessible as possible to its audience. So, each piece is available in text and audio, and magazine includes descriptions of images for members who cannot see.

“There’s been a lot of controversy about how people with disabilities are represented in the literary community, and whether publishers are really giving a platform for disabled writers, and also the diversity of disability literature,” Sarah Katz, who is the founder of the magazine and who experiences deafness, said.

Katz believes that carving out a space for people who differently-abled is necessary in the literary world. The literary sphere is not always accessible for everyone, whether that’s due to who is or isn’t published or who is or isn’t capable of attending and participating in book reading events.

The magazine is published on a bimonthly basis.

Read the full story here.

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