Meet Chef Jeffrey Perri, deaf teacher of culinary skills

Summarized by Ryan Datus Anderson, staff writer

Chef Jeffrey Perri has always wanted to become an educator, it is this desire which inspired him to open a Culinary Academy for the Deaf in Carroll County.

“I want to create a place to better train deaf culinarians and prepare them for future placements in restaurants, hotels, schools, resorts and hospitals,” said Perri, who is deaf himself, through interpreter Steve Frank. “I want to discipline their talents into perfection, focusing on five-star entrees and five-star flavors.”

Perri is one of five finalists in this year’s Carroll Biz Challenge. The winner will receive a $5,000 grand prize to apply to their business costs. Perri hopes to win in order to ensure that the money is used to create his business plan and reach out to talented potential students.

Along with teaching American Sign Language, Perri has more than ten years of experience as a chef. He is currently working as a sous chef at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Perri hopes to win and focus on teaching at his new academy, as he wants to pass on his knowledge.

The academy would have a focus on recruiting from deaf high schools and deaf mainstream schools, but would also leave the program open to include hearing students as well.

“I want to connect cultures through culinary arts,” Perri said.

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