In dispute over deaf football player, Lions step up

Summarized by Ryan Datus Anderson, staff writer

Closure is being granted after a messy lawsuit between the parents of a deaf football player and a youth sports league from Spring Lake. The lawsuit was able to establish a disability access fund, college money towards their son Dov Nathanson, and paid the attorney fees.

The lawsuit started after Spring Lake was unable to provide Dov with the materials he needed to play football: such as sign-language interpreters or someone beating a drum to help relay the quarterback’s calls to Dov. The Nathanson family believed that this was a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

After moving to White Bear Lake, the family has had a large amount of support from the local Lion’s club. The Lion’s club was able to donate $3,000 dollars just to hire interpreters. The Nathanson family also put forth some of their own money, wanting to help since everyone is a volunteer in this community.

With interpreters, a drum, and Dov’s father acting as assistant coach, things are looking up for Dov’s future in sports. Opportunities that were previously denies are now being granted, and old wounds are healing.

You can read the full story here.

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