I-Team: Bus drops 4-year-old deaf CCSD student at wrong school; family cites lack of drivers

Summarized by Matthew Dehler, staff writer

A family in Las Vegas is speaking out about what happened to their deaf daughter earlier in August. The girl entered the bus – which wound up dropping her off at the wrong school. This would be a traumatic event for any child, and for a deaf child it was undoubtedly terrifying. Furthermore, the bus was late to picking her up later in the month as well. A spokesman later stated that a significant number of bus driver positions are vacant, which was seemingly to blame for the repeated incidents. Still, the incident was troubling for many, and the family of the deaf girl are very upset over it.

Read the full article here: https://www.8newsnow.com/i-team/i-team-bus-drops-4-year-old-deaf-ccsd-student-at-wrong-school-family-cites-lack-of-drivers/

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