Here’s An Overview Of What’s New In Accessibility From Apple In 2020

Summarized by Holly Gerber, Staff Writer

Last week, Apple revealed a new and impressive array of accessibility features for their devices—much to the delight of deaf and hard of hearing fans. One of the most notable features is Sound Detection. This tool, designed with the deaf and hard of hearing in mind, alerts iPhone users of certain ambient sounds. If the device detects a pre-determined sound, such as a fire alarm or crying baby, the user receives a notification.

Another new feature is sign language recognition for FaceTime. FaceTime video chat, which is very popular with sign language users, can now detect signing and alert users of its use. Apple also revealed new headphone accommodations. Headphone users can now amplify soft sounds—a tool that may be useful for those with mild hearing loss.

Additional accessibility features include a redesigned Magnifier, improved Voice Control, machine-learning in VoiceOver, and Back Tap, a tool that allows iPhone navigation by tapping the back of the phone. While there is always room for improvement, it is exciting to see Apple making strides towards more inclusive technology.

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