Glove Lets Deaf-Blind People Text Message

Summarized by Hannah F. Mann, staff writer

Germany, researchers have developed the prototype for a specialized glove that allows deaf-blind users to receive and send text messages using a tactile sign system called Lorm.

Lorm consists of a patterns traced on the hand, each pattern representing different letters and punctuation marks. The Mobile Lorm Glove contains sensors that can transmit these patterns via Bluetooth to the user’s cell phone as a text message. Conversely, vibrating nodes on the back of the Lorm Glove can relay received text messages.

Because Mobile Lorm Gloves can be used with each other and with cell phones, the developers foresee its potential in multi-person communication, such as classes. However, since Lorm is not widely used outside of Europe, its appeal in the United States is somewhat limited.

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