EEOC claims Toys ‘R’ Us discriminated against deaf job applicant

Summarized by Katie Lutzker, staff writer

Last month, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) filed a lawsuit against Toys “R” Us claiming they had discriminated against a deaf job applicant. Shakirra Thomas applied for a position at the company’s Columbia store, and when she was requested for an interview, her mother called asking the company to provide an interpreter since Thomas is deaf. Toys “R” Us replied saying she must provide her own and Thomas’ mother went with her to interpret. Later, Thomas’ mother called to check up on the status of her daughter’s application, but heard nothing back so Thomas’ mother filed a lawsuit claiming the store did not hire her because she is deaf.

This case reveals a common experience that many disabled workers face during the job application process. It’s necessary that large corporate companies that have stores nationwide have strict rules in regards to carrying out policies that there is no discrimination against those with disabilities. Shakirra is one of many (with a variety of disabilities besides deafness), who is denied work because of something that does not measure her quality or her capabilities as a worker

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