Derbyshire police hit the mark when it comes to aiding deaf people

Summarized by Jennifer Reed, staff writer

The Derbyshire police have earned highest acknowledgements for their ongoing efforts to communicate with the deaf and hard of hearing. They received a “national Louder than Words charter mark,” a distinction handed out every three years, following their completion of criteria set out and evaluated by Action on Hearing Loss, an organization dedicated to supporting the deaf and hard-of-hearing population.

To meet the criteria, the police force underwent training, which included providing precise details for the deaf, deaf awareness, and fulfilling communication needs. Officers are also required to increase deaf and hard-of-hearing awareness of the text relay service, properly caring for hearing aid equipment, and how to communicate with both the public and the police force.

Having the largest percentage of deaf or hard-of-hearing residents in the United Kingdom, the Derbyshire police force has endeavored to meet the needs of those with hearing loss.

The Derbyshire Constabulary is the only police force to earn the Louder than Words award and to create a British Sign Language video relaying how deaf people can communicate with the police to provide or receive information.

They have also updated their website to provide information for the deaf and hard of hearing. The force’s continued efforts to serve those with hearing loss and receiving the Louder than Words award again is something Assistant Chief Constable Gary Knighton is thrilled with. He hopes the award will create an assurance with the deaf and hard of hearing that the constabulary is equipped to provide them top-notch service. The charter mark is evidence of the Derbyshire Police Force’s pledge to aiding the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

More about the Deberyshire Police Force’s efforts to serve deaf and hard-of-hearing people can be found on their website at

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