Deaf church in Birmingham streams sign language service to churches in Mobile and on East Coast

Summarized by Katie Lutzker, staff writer

The uses of technology today can be beneficial, as seen in the deaf community. In schools, technology is being used to help deaf and hard of hearing children learn at their own pace and understand more easily. And now, in some churches, a live streaming of a deaf service is offered to various churches in Mobile and on the East Coast.

The live-stream comes from the Sunday morning service at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Cahaba Heights in Alabama. Like Skype, the worship services are streamed live through computers. They are intended to aid the deaf congregations that do not have ministers fluent in American Sign Language. The stream is fed through churches all over the East Coast and also in Mobile. Its remarkable live-stream shows how technology and the Internet are being used in an incredibly beneficial way. Now, deaf and hard of hearing persons are able to be actively a part of their religious community.

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