Deaf choir master inspires others to take up Auslan, with help from coronavirus and Lorde

Summarized by Holly Gerber, Staff Writer

Twenty-year-old Tallula Bourne of Ocean Shores, Australia, recently formed a choir learning to perform music in Australian Sign Language, or Auslan. Bourne, who was born deaf and now uses cochlear implants, runs weekly online classes popular all across Australia.

Initially, running an online class intimidated Bourne—but it’s now turned into a fun and exciting endeavor. She shared, “We end up taking on the mood of the song, the rhythm, the melody in our bodies, because that’s what Auslan is—it’s about showing you what’s going on, and it’s a really cool way to access music when you can’t hear it.”

Currently, the group is learning to sign the song “Team” by Lorde. The classes were originally taught online as a result of COVID-19. Due to their success, Bourne plans to continue hosting them online, even after the pandemic passes.

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