A Conversation with Rogan Shannon

Rogan Shannon is a vlogger who is proud to be deaf and represent the deaf and hard of hearing community in a powerful way. He was born deaf, or so his family believes as he mentions in his “10 Things About Me” video on his YouTube channel. Rogan was happy to say that is lucky to have parents who learned sign and made him feel comfortable and normal in his own skin. While struggles are common in a learning environment, Rogan enjoyed his time in school with the accessibility of an interpreter when he transferred to a mainstream school. He has changed the deaf vlogger community in just the short time of two years since he started his channel.

He was an avid subscriber to YouTubers, which gave him the inspiration to start his own channel. He decided to begin vlogging when he noticed the lack of deaf vloggers and captions on YouTubers videos. He wanted people to know that deaf vloggers and watchers, “are here and [they] need accessibility.” That being said, Rogan’s videos are perfect for those who are hearing, deaf, or hard of hearing because he uses signing and captioning exclusively.

Rogan separates himself from other vloggers by being relatable to all different types of audiences. His videos cover a vast range of subjects including: ASL, queer topics (more to come soon!), travel, and even pumpkin carving. He has made his channel unique by adding videos including international signing. Rogan noticed that deaf vloggers would usually speak or sign in their native language, so he has taken it upon himself to make his channel diverse and open it up to an even wider range of audience.

Rogan never has a problem finding new inspiration for his YouTube videos. As one can see from his posted videos, he covers a plethora of information from educational to just entertaining.

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