A Conversation with Rikki Poynter

Rikki Poynter is more than just a twenty-four year old vlogger on YouTube: she is also Deaf. Four years after starting YouTube with makeup tutorials, she began to include Deaf Awareness videos on her channel. Her first Deaf Awareness video surpassed 10,000 views, and shortly afterwards she was contacted by the Huffington Post for an article about her channel.

In an interview with DeafandHoH.com, Rikki was asked about how she realized that she could do more besides makeup videos. Rikki said, “I always knew that I could do more. It was really just would people really want to watch me if I did more than makeup? Turns out more people watch me now than they ever did when I was just doing makeup.”

Rikki found out at a young age that she was hard of hearing, and was diagnosed during her last year of elementary school. Rikki didn’t want to believe that she was deaf.

“Getting jobs wasn’t easy,” she said. “I’d been applying to jobs for four years and only had one interview at a fast food place. They didn’t want me for a second interview because it was obvious I couldn’t understand the person interviewing me after they did everything I asked them not to do while interviewing me.” Rikki pointed out that individuals are starting to make the world a better place little by little, and she wanted to contribute to that dream as well.

Rikki continues to work with the Deaf community outside of her YouTube career. Rikki is the social media specialist and blogger for the community organization “Deaf Women in Film.” Her main responsibilities are to make various posts and messages on media outlets, such as Facebook or Twitter. She was “promoting TV shows or movies that have Deaf women in the entertainment industry or involved in the making of them.” This blog and her YouTube career are the main focuses in Rikki’s career right now.

“All of my d/Deaf/HOH friends inspire me. There’s so much #DEAFTALENT out there, it’s hard not to get inspired by them,” she told DeafandHoH.com. Rikki continues to make a difference in the world by promoting Deaf Awareness on her channel.

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