Theaters pledge to improve movie access for deaf and hearing-impaired

Summarized by Hailey Scragg, staff writer

The long fight for rights at the theatre have come to a close. Theatre owners have come to an agreement with the Alexander Graham Bell Assn. among other advocacy groups to make their theaters more accessible to deaf and hard of hearing customers. John F. Stanton, chairman of the public affairs council of A.G. Bell said “Today is truly a landmark day in captioning access history,” and it is. Of the 38 million Americans with some kind of hearing loss, only a third of them have reported going to the movies at least once a year. Those numbers are sure to change, Regal Entertainment invested more than $10 million dollars in glasses that provide closed-caption text on the screen. Anna Glimore Hall, executive director of the Hearing Loss Assn. of America, dubbed this advancement a “‘Welcome Back’ banner for people who had given up going to the movies simply because they could no longer hear.”

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