TCA: ‘Switched at Birth’ goes deeper into deaf culture

Summarized by Alyssa Smith, staff writer

On the ABC family television show “Switched at Birth,” Marlee Matlin’s character plays a teacher at a school for the deaf. The show follows the lives of two teenage girls, Daphne and Bay, who find out that they were switched in the hospital as babies. Daphne is deaf, and Bay is hearing. The series’ intention has always been to shed light on deaf culture so that those who are hearing may gain some insight.

On Monday, March 4th at 7 p.m., an episode of “Switched at Birth” will be aired entirely in ASL. This episode will be the first of its kind for a scripted series on mainstream television, as the episode will be told from the point of view of the show’s deaf characters. There will be open captions for hearing persons watching the show. Lizzy Weiss, the creator and executive director of the series, is excited for the audience to have the opportunity to see the world as the show’s deaf characters do.

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