‘Loud pop’ miraculously alerts deaf woman to burning house

Summarized by Katie Lutzker, staff writer

It’s amazing that those born deaf are able to learn to feel noises in the same way hearing-people hear them. In an interesting news story of about a month ago, a completely deaf woman of 58 years managed to “hear”, or feel, a very loud pop in her Texas home which alarmed her. She was able to escape from her home just moments before the entire house caught fire. She was safely outside by the time the fire crew arrived and her house was completely enveloped in flames.

It was a miracle—she could have been trapped in there and no way to communicate the danger. But fortunately, in moments like that where the fire probably started by a small explosion, the ability to hear through feeling alerted the deaf woman of the danger she was in. The article shows the capabilities deaf people have in times of danger—they are able to think quickly on their feet, and know when they are in danger, even if they can’t reach out for immediate help. Her intuition is spot on.

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