Devin Meyers

Devin Myers was born in Pasco, WA and grew up in Seattle and surrounding suburbs. At the age of three he was diagnosed with hearing loss and has had hearing aids ever since. He knows some sign language, but tends to use English concepts when he signs. Reading, running, and hiking in the Pacific NW region are among his favorite hobbies, but sports take a special place in his heart. “I’m definitely a big sports fan, and as most Washingtonians sports fans can attest, the Seattle Seahawks have the loudest fans… which isn’t so good for our ears but we’re proud of our teams” said Myers.

Currently, Myers works as a Communication Specialist for the Hearing, Speech and Deaf Center in Seattle. This nonprofit organization is dedicated to serving members of its community through education and services designed to increase the spread of strong communication skills. His inspiration to work for HSDC is rooted in his desire to help others. “I work with clients to develop self-advocacy skills, locate resources such as finding affordable hearing aids for low income individuals,” said Myers. “We also are able to lend out assistive technology for individuals that may need them for work, trainings and other meetings.”

Myers has a personal connection to his work, as he is also hard of hearing. At an early age he used assistive technology like FM systems and SEE (Signed Exact English) as well as other services to strengthen his communication skills in the classroom. “These things helped me recognize that from time to time I’ll need to receive additional services to make sure that I have my hearing needs met and use my advocacy skills to make sure I put myself in a better position to understand others well.”

In the future, Myers hopes to pass legislation in Tacoma, WA to require all public televisions have closed captioning to allow for more inclusive and better communication across the hearing spectrum. To learn more about Devin’s work, or to connect with others in the hearing loss community in Western WA, head over to to learn about ASL interpreting services, advocacy services, audiology and speech therapy services, and more.