Caitlyn Campbell

Fifteen-year-old Caitlyn Campbell, whom interviewed last year, successfully ended her first year at Rabun Gap Nacoochee School in Georgia with a strong B average.

Last year’s fundraising success allowed Campbell to pay for her books, uniforms, school supplies, athletic fees, and hearing aids; they also accorded her a monthly allowance for personal care, dorm snacks and hearing aid batteries. Now, armed with her experience from the past year—which included being entrusted with her own checking account and debit card—Campbell is determined to make the most of her funds this year. “I realized that each person who gave me their hard earned money did so blindly, taking a risk on my behalf. I am forever grateful for that risk,” says Campbell. “I have confidence that I have not let you down.”

During her time at Rabun Gap, Campbell was involved in a variety of campus activities—notably, tennis, basketball, and golf. The school’s structured schedule and curriculum enabled her to develop strong studying habits, good financial management, increased community involvement, and interpersonal skills for a diverse environment.

In her summer update release, Campbell writes: “I was welcomed by teachers and staff that soon became my boarding school family, and kids that have become great friends. Everyone on campus knows I’m hearing impaired but nobody cares… everyone at RGNS is different, quirky and living away from home for their own reasons.” Indeed, Campbell’s roommate came from Brooklyn, New York, and they are now the best of friends.

Campbell has returned to Rabun Gap for another promising year. If you would like to contribute to her schooling at Rabun Gap, donations can be sent to Nikki Campbell at the following address:

70 Main St. Ste. 400
Hilton Head, SC 29926