Aaron Rose

Before we introduce DeafandHoHKids.com to our community, we thought you might like to get to know the mastermind behind the idea. Aaron Rose had a simple conversation with a parent of a child who has hearing loss and cochlear implants. This conversation produced a brand new idea for a website. This particular mother was looking for a place for her son to socialize with other children who also had hearing loss. Rose thought it would be beneficial to create a safe place for children to interact with each other and learn more about the hearing loss they have, as well as exploring what options are out there for them.

Diagnosed with profound hearing loss at 18 months old, Rose’s mother chose Cued Speech to be the best option in regards to Rose’s literacy and language acquisition. Around the age of 7, Rose received the cochlear implant, which he still uses today. Until is freshman year in college, he received cued language services in the form of transliterators. After this time however, he didn’t request any type of accommodations. He went on to study meteorology and oceanography at North Carolina State University. Before graduating, he joined the National Cued Speech Association board of directors and became the editor-in-chief for their newsletter.

For Rose, next came graduate school while simultaneously working for a non-profit service. He mentioned at this point in his life, he was burning the candle at both ends juggling everything he was involved in and working for. It was after this time when he and his wife relocated to Colorado and co-founded Cued Speech of Colorado. Rose now works as a ski service technician for a major ski store chain. He is also involved with Hands & Voices as a Guide By Your Side.

When reflecting on his past and some challenges he faced, Rose notes that one of the biggest challenges he faced was socialization. He excelled academically, however, it was difficult to convey his struggles to those who didn’t understand why he spoke differently than most. Perhaps it was with his own struggles that allowed him to understand what most children go through, and generate the idea of DeafandHoHKids.com. Rose says he’s eager to see how DeafandHoHkids.com develops. He personally aims to provide guidance and support to the website developers as we move forward.

Through Aaron’s own challenges throughout his life, he has applied his knowledge and education to help those around him dealing with similar struggles. Without him, the idea of DeafandHoHKids.com would never have surfaced, and its production would not be where it is today. Stay tuned for the premiere of the website!