Who says you need hearing aids? Perhaps there is a simpler solution.

19 years ago, a journey started. It began with the science of sound but swiftly became a quest to utilize advanced sound enhancement technology to change lives for the better.

This is the journey of Dr. Alexander Goldin, Alango – BeHear’s Founder and CEO. His goal is to use technology to improve hearing on a grand scale – and address a gap in the market that many did not even realize was there. He wanted to create “a solution to the silent epidemic of hearing loss,” because the hearing aid industry was not, and is not, reaching the majority of people who can benefit from hearing help.

The solution wasn’t to create another hearing aid. Since its inception, Alango’s line of hearing enhancement solutions has included devices that are affordable, stylish, and helpful in multiple spheres of the lives of people with hearing difficulty. They have two big sellers: the BeHear NOW headset, which provides customized amplification and enhancement for live conversations, mobile calls, streamed audio, and sounds in nature and the BeHear ACCESS headset, which does the same, but is priced higher as it also includes T-coil receivers for use in looped venues, is designed for people who like larger buttons, and comes with a charging cradle.

Both hold a charge for 12 or more hours and have been developed by Alango’s expert sound engineers and in-house certified audiologist.

HearLink PLUS, is a low latency long-range Bluetooth audio transmitter that connects between the audio source and the BeHear headset, streaming customized sound directly to your ears. HearLink PLUS provides perfect audio-video synchronization and cuts out ambient sounds making TV / movies / Zoom calls etc. sound better and much more enjoyable. The HearLink PLUS can be bought in a bundle along with any BeHear headset to create your own Personal Tv Sound System.

Reviewers rave about being able to customize their own sound without needing to see a professional, how they can hear better in almost all everyday situations, and how they are insanely more affordable than hearing aids.

“I like the form factor and the features, but most important it helps a lot with speech comprehension.” – Levis Malenfant

“My favorite feature is the EasyListen ‘Slow, Slower, Slowest’ settings with phone calls—so handy when you’re trying to listen to a fast talker!” – Elisabeth Starnes

“Love it that I can take calls, listen to TV or iPhone’s music, and still hear my environment much better. All for less than 5% the cost of Siemens.” – Doug Roth

Brenda Guy, a middle school teacher, explains how BeHear has changed hers and others lives best in her own voice, in her video review. Brenda never realized how bad her hearing loss was until this past year, and while in quarantine she began researching the best alternative to hearing aids. She found Alango – BeHear. The reviews convinced her to but both the ACCESS and NOW which, together are still cheaper than having to purchase hearing aids.

She loves how she can adjust the devices herself, to tune them to her personal hearing needs. She loves how they come with different size ear buds and hooks for wearability, and how the headsets are not obvious—no one noticed she was using them while in large meetings at school. Brenda recommends these headsets to any and everyone who is considering hearing aids, because not only are they cheaper, but are also very flexible with many capabilities and options.

If all of these personal reviews do not sway you, one should know that all of Alango – BeHear products come with a 30-day trial period and a one-year warranty. There really is no reason to not give them a try. Join the thousands of happy customers.





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