• What My First Job Taught Me September 2, 2020 I still remember my very first interview at Marcus Theaters, Westown Cinemas in Waukesha, WI. I was in high school then, and my mom took me to a movie theater that was only five minutes from our house. While she waited in the lobby area near the concession stand, I went into a small office for an interview with the... Read More
  • I Got Laid Off Twice—Here’s What I Learned August 3, 2020 At the end of last October, I was laid off at an e-commerce solutions company in Brookfield, WI. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time I was laid off without a warning (click here to read my post about that ordeal). By sharing my personal experiences, I’m showing the world how the corporate realm treats people with hearing loss. At the... Read More
  • Rebranding DeafandHoH.com for our community September 30, 2018 As our website continue to expand with over 11,000 members in our Facebook community, we are re-branding our logo to serve both deaf and hard of hearing individuals worldwide. As I mentioned before, I started the hearing loss website back in 2008 because I always felt like an outsider and not having many friends while growing up with mild to... Read More
  • The milestone of 10,000 members May 26, 2018 I would like to personally share some exciting news. We have finally reached the milestone of 10,000 members in our online hearing loss community with DeafandHoH. I’ve had mild to moderate hearing loss all of my life, and have always felt like an outsider and as if I don’t have many friends. Those feelings were my inspiration for starting a hearing loss... Read More
  • Nothing Personal is Personal November 2, 2017 It was just another normal day at work on Friday, July 28. I was feeling positive while taking on a graphic design request assigned to me. I always showed the willingness to contribute in other areas with my broad experience and creative talent whenever I could. At noon, my manager sent me a chat message asking if I would be... Read More

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Why I'm Here

Senthil Srinivasan

I created this blog to express my inner thoughts, feelings, and stories about my hearing loss, with hopes of creating a great place that will benefit everyone.

For many years I had been wearing behind-the-ear hearing aids, and have kept my hair long to cover them. I didn’t want people to know about my mild hearing loss. I was very sensitive and uncomfortable about it. As of today, I wear digital hearing aids which make it hard for people to notice as much. So, I decided to change my hairstyle and it doesn’t bother me anymore whether people see them. Looking at my old pictures, I ask myself, “what was I thinking!”

I was not happy with the way I looked back in high school and college, and I have come to realize that the hearing aids were a major reason why I was and still am so isolated from the outside world, and the reason for not having many friends. I believe people didn’t see the real me and my true personality, and lacking confidence didn’t help. They always treated me and looked at me like I was an outsider or diseased in some way. There were also other reasons that played a big role, such as my shyness and not having an outgoing personality, but that too could have been due to the way I was treated. Rather than analyzing the past each and every day, I have decided to open up and share my life experiences and the path that led me to where I am today.

I hope you will visit often and participate by leaving comments, submitting stories or articles, and sending me feedback that could help you, me, and everyone else who has had similar experiences.