Information, Knowledge and Opinion on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community

Lip Reading Mom
Shanna Groves blogs about her adventurous life as a mom with hearing loss raising three spunky children.

World of Silence
Jeff Swartz – What the world is like through a person who is deaf.

David Jonsson – Deafhood | Audism | Holographic

SayWhatClub Weblog
Hearing loss and late deafened news, views and comments

Marisa Sarto Photography
View Marisa Sarto’s photojournalism project entitled “Hear Nor There: Images of an Invisible Disability”.

Michael W. Hubbs
Personal website of deaf speed skater Michael W. Hubbs. Learn more about him, buy t-shirts, or make a donation.

Super Good Art Stuff
Super Good Art Stuff offers a variety of products and classes

Twyla Banks
Facebook page of Twyla Banks– actress, dancer, and choreographer who is an active participant in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

Hear YA Now
Tumblr page of Hear YA Now, a network for deaf and hard of hearing young adults

Hearing Health & Technology Matters
A blog that provides information about and insights into hearing loss

Hear with Melissa
Facebook page of Hear with Melissa, run by hearing loss expert Melissa K. Rodriguez

Ashley Shaffer
Facebook page of deaf artist Ashley Shaffer