Uber makes life easier for deaf drivers, but still faces disability controversy

Uber, a ride-sharing company that connects customers with nearby drivers through a mobile app, updated its Uber Partner app in late May to assist its deaf and hard of hearing drivers.

According to Mashable.com, “The app’s new features – a result of Uber working with the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) and deaf driver partners to learn about their specific frustrations with the platform – including a flashing screen for trip requests (as opposed to previous audible-only beeps) and the ability to turn off the option for users to call deaf drivers (users will only be able to text them).

“The app will also send a notification to users to let them know their drivers are deaf or hard of hearing, prompting them to enter destination details ahead of time.

“These efforts, developed over several months through Uber’s product innovation team, are intended to make the platform more accessible and ‘remove some of the friction we were hearing about from our driver partners, and even from riders who were taking rides from deaf or hard-of-hearing partners,’ Rachel Holt, Uber’s east coast general manager, told Mashable.”

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