This Beauty Vlogger Is Hard of Hearing, And She’s Stepping Up Her Game On YouTube

Summarized by Hailey Scragg, staff writer

Rikki Poynter started out as a YouTube beauty vlogger, uploading videos of eyeliner and eyeshadow tricks. She stated “I love how makeup can look so cool, so pretty, and really change a person’s face. I love how creative you can get with it.” And while she isn’t completely changing the focus of her YouTube videos, she is adding to them by talking about her experience in being hard of hearing. In a recent video Poynter addresses frequent questions people have about the deaf and hard of hearing community, as well as challenges she has faced or noticed. Poynter said “I’ve wanted to do a video like this for a while, but I [was] too scared of how it would be received…Surprisingly and fortunately, all the feedback I’ve gotten is positive!”

Watch the video and read the full story here.

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