Supporting Deaf Employees

Summarized by Hailey Scragg, staff writer

While interviewing is stressful for anyone, needing a sign language interpreter makes it even more so. Oftentimes employers find it an inconvenience and will pass over those with these extra accommodations, making the best chance for someone with hearing loss to bring their own interpreter. However the ADA covers the cost for companies to hire an interpreter for these occasions, regardless deaf people are forced to deal with these types of discrimination in the workplace. In order to engage and support a deaf employee it is a simple matter of showing respect and providing simple accommodations. For example, for an interviewer a simple Internet search on deaf communication and culture can make a big difference. Other simple ways to make sure deaf employees are working to their fullest potential is to make those simple accommodations like closed captioning training and presentation videos and sign language interpreters. With these changes, the entire workplace can benefit because they are getting the most out of their employees.

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