See-through Health Masks Developed for those Hard of Hearing

Summarized by Matthew Dehler, staff writer

It’s no secret: the coronavirus is altering how we communicate. Wearing a mask, whether to grab groceries or report to work, is now a necessity for countless people around the globe. It’s difficult to adapt to this change in day-to-day life –especially for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Ashley Lawrence, a college senior in Kentucky, has a solution: a modified, clear face mask that helps those who are hard of hearing communicate. Lawrence’s masks reveal the facial expressions of the wearer – a critical component in American Sign Language. The shortage of masks inspired Lawrence: “…everyone started making their own, so I thought: why not make them for all?”

These new masks function like most other surgical masks, and while they’re not quite as effective as the medical-grade N95 respirators used in health care, they will certainly help those who are impacted by hearing loss communicate with others.

Lawrence plans on sharing a mask-making tutorial sometime soon – so you can replicate her invention right at home.

For more info on the masks and the creator herself, the full article is available at

From all of us here at DeafandHoH, remember: stay home, stay clean, and stay safe.

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