Quota offers program for deaf and hard-of-hearing

Summarized by Hailey Scragg, staff writer

Rapid developments in technology mean constant advancements in the technology for those with hearing loss. While this offers great advantages, there is still a difficulty in assuring the awareness and comprehension of this technology for the deaf and hard of hearing community. For this reason, a chapter of Quota International, located in Wisconsin, is offering a local program to assist the public in learning about these latest advancements. Quota International is a nonprofit organization aimed at the empowerment of the deaf and hard of hearing community as well as women, children, and those with speech impairments. This Racine/Kenosha chapter is hoping to improve overall education and awareness of the current events of hearing loss. Some of the main topics of discussion are Bluetooth neckloops, which increase the power of hearing aids and cochlear implants, an all-in-one notification system that sends alerts for the owners alarm clock, doorbell, baby monitor, motion detectors, and more; and finally an accessory that can be attached to a handbag, for cell phones that signal an incoming call with blue and white flashing LED lights. There are possibilities of future Quota sessions depending on the response to this informational program. Quota is located in 12 countries and is working to make a positive change in 269 communities.

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