Pitkin County seniors get crafty at Aspen Camp of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Summarized by Matthew Dehler, staff writer

It’s important to keep one’s mind sharp in old age – especially if one is hard of hearing or is Deaf altogether. The Aspen Camp for Deaf and Hard of Hearing helped provide such an opportunity for Seniors recently. The seniors visited an art museum and participated in crafts activities. The opportunity was funded by the Aspen Camp, Aspen Art Museum and Pitkin County Senior Services. The goodwill of this gesture should be taken as an example by more Deaf caretakers and services across the globe.

Read the full article here: https://www.aspentimes.com/news/pitkin-county-seniors-get-crafty-at-aspen-camp-of-the-deaf-and-hard-of-hearing/

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