OtoSense, your listening Buddy

DeafandHoH.com has an exciting new sponsor, the app OtoSense. OtoSense is making “the sounds of your life” easier than ever to see with it’s combined flash and vibration notification system. The app learns the sounds you program so you don’t have to miss any important alerts, even letting you decide if you want to include SMS text or connect with your Pebble Smartwatch or Philips Hue Lights. After you record the sound just three to four times, missing alerts like the doorbell, telephone, and clock alarms are a thing of the past with OtoSense. With quieter alerts like microwaves and oven timers, just make sure your device is near enough to pick it up.

The inspiration for the developer of the app Sebastian Christian, came when he traveled with a deaf colleague for work and realized there was still not a solution to the problem of being alerted by environmental and industrial sounds. The stress this caused his colleague lead to the primary prototype of what is now OtoSense. His hope is that OtoSense finds a way to help in your home, work, school, and anywhere you go. Decide what sounds are most important to you and you will no longer have to miss them.

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