Naples author releases book on historic figure in deaf community

Summarized by Matthew Dehler, staff writer

Like many younger hard of hearing people, Kathy Jankowski did not have an interpreter at the school she attended. She struggled her way through classes, attempting to lipread despite the difficulty. However, her world opened up when she enrolled at Gallaudet University, finally able to thrive in activities that used to feel off-limits. She became a skilled writer, joined a field hockey team, and partook in student body government.

Jankowski’s experience at Gallaudet inspired her to write a book about Agatha Tiegel Hanson. Hanson was the first female student to earn a BA in 1893, and her achievements still stand as a sign of true female empowerment today. In July, Jankowski published her book “Agatha Tiegel Hanson: Our Places in the Sun,” about Hanson’s achievements.

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Edited by Stephanie Stott, Staff Writer.

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