Gallaudet U and Apple Collaborate to Boost Accessibility for Students With Disabilities

Summarized by Holly Gerber, Staff Writer

Gallaudet University, a U.S. university for the deaf and hard of hearing, has announced a new partnership with Apple. By working together, Gallaudet and Apple intend to make education more accessible. Gallaudet President Dr. Roberta Cordano announced the collaboration in a letter and accompanying ASL video translation on August 26.

As part of the new partnership, all Gallaudet students and faculty will receive an iPad Pro, SmartFolio, and Apple Pencil. In providing the new devices, Apple and Gallaudet aim to help students design apps in ASL and English. Additionally, Gallaudet will be the first university to participate in Apple’s new scholarship program “for students of color with disabilities.”

It is wonderful to see companies making sure deaf students, who are all too often underestimated, receive resources to help them excel. This partnership may mark a new step forward, providing Gallaudet students with additional resources to improve the lives of the deaf and hard of hearing across the world.

For more information about the partnership, read the full article here.

Edited by Stephanie Stott, Staff Writer.

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