DeafandHoH Scavenger Hunt

Prepare for DeafandHoH’s first Scavenger Hunt! Make sure you have your binoculars ready! The first Scavenger Hunt will begin on November 1st. Answer all eight clues correctly to enter the drawing, in which you can win one of our special prizes: the Articulation Station Pro App, which teaches you how to pronounce sounds through six fun activities; and a Sonic Alert Loud/Vibrating Clock! We’ll announce our two winners on November 30th!

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Read the first clue at our Facebook page:
  2. Find the answer on our website: or
  3. Email your answer to
  4. Watch for our email about the next clue. We’ll post two new clues every week!
  5. Look for the next clue on the webpage where you found the last answer.
  6. Keep searching and answering until you find the final clue!

Hold on to those treasure maps and keep a lookout for those clues! Happy scavenging!

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