Deaf people to experience music through festival using technology

Summarized by Abby Wilson, staff writer

Music festivals are fun and lively events that occur many times throughout the year all across the globe, but many people within the deaf and hard of hearing community are unable to fully participate in these events. For the first time this May, people within the deaf and HOH community will be able to attend the Good Vibrations Music & Arts Festival in San Antonio, Texas. Emma Faye Rudkin, Miss San Antonio, who happens to be a member of the deaf community, thought of the concept for this music festival. Rudkin believes that a festival like this is long overdue.

The technology being used at the festival is very impressive. Specially made vests that use vibrations to enhance the music so that those who cannot hear are able to experience the music will be available. In addition to the vests, there will be captioning and ASL interpretation at the performances, as well as visual light shows. The festival will be a full body experience for those within the deaf and hard of hearing community.

You can read more about this upcoming event here.

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