Apple Collaborates on a Hearing Aid That Streams Music, Syncs With iPhone

Summarized by Caitlin Aurigemma, staff writer

Apple has announced this past week that they are teaming up with Danish company, GN ReSound, to release a smart hearing aid, name LiNX, that will be capable of syncing with Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

As the company explains to reporter Lucy Westcott of The Wire, the hearing aids are “wireless stereo headphones that just happen to be your hearing aids. They will allow for FaceTime and music streaming when connected to a mobile app via Bluetooth technology” The phone or tablet can also help find a lost device” (Westcott, The Wire).

The LiNX also features special additions for its users such as an app that allows its wearer to adjust the volume of conversation as well as have the hearing aid turn into a microphone to tune out background noise and focus on a single voice. Also unlike other hearing aids that are capable of connecting with Bluetooth or other wireless devices, the LiNX requires no additional devices.

The hearing aids with cost around $3,000, however, they will not be found within Apple Stores but rather potential buyers will have to consult their audiologist for the device as well as be fitted for it.

Both Apple and ReSound hope that the new hearing aid will help eliminate the stigma of wearing hearing aids as well as encourage early detection of hearing loss.

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