Amy, Deaf Mother, Hears Her 6-Year-Old Son Say ‘Hi, Mom!’ For The First Time (VIDEO)

Summarized by Katie Lutzker, staff writer

A video has gone viral over the last two weeks of a twenty six year old deaf mother who hears her son say “hi mom!” for the first time. Amy, who has been deaf since birth, used a hearing aid for her entire life, but could never hear very much or very clearly. However, she recently switched to an implant and has been exposed to a vast change in her ears. She is now able to hear! Amy is happily brought to tears in the video as she hears her son’s, her parents’ and her sister’s voices for the first time.

There are many similar videos on the web that show this experience. Many women have also been featured on television shows like “The Doctors” that mark this great moment in their lives and open up a world of possibilities. These videos are both encouraging and enlightening as these women, who believed they would never be able to hear the voices of those they are most close to, are brought closer by aid of the implant.

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